Shoe Sale @ Deco 50L for all Boots

Hi there. Deco is having a 50L boot sale. This sale notice has been blogged elsewhere and when I went the place was hopping (well it is close to Easter). As an Elf I wear boots all year round in SL, so this was a sale I had to check out...and I love the boots I got. Sale is on until April 17th only

Deco: Test Boots. 
These are in a few colours, or plain black or black with different coloured laces.

Close up you can see their lovely goodness :) 
Deco: Test Boots Brassy

Deco: Test Boots Starry

(These also come in Red & Blue)
Deco: Lumbermine Boots

Deco: Lumbermine Boots Brown
Deco: Lumbermine Boots Black

 Deco: Trail Boot Brown Suede 

  Deco: Trail Boot Pink Suede (14 othwr 2 twoned colours of this style)
  Deco: Trail Boot Brown (7 other colours of this non-two toned style)
Deco: Roughneck Boots (Black only)

They also have 9 colours of very cute rainboots!

P.S. They do not seem to have a resize script so gurls you will have to edit...