Mynerva Birthday Hunt -Drow! & Cae.B Easter hunt

Hi all. There is a hunt on at Mynerva's for Rhapsody Wilde's one year anniversary of the store being open. Look for 5 cupcakes each with a gorgeous is a child's skin too...which I love cause they are so low makeup and natural.

I am very excited 'cause I am in love with her stuff. You do need to join the group for 50L for participate, but there are 5 skins to be found in Cupcakes, as well as 4 group skin gifts out...what more can be said :-)

I will show you two of the skins....

Here is the drow skin, which is of course my favourite.
Mynerva~Night Drow: Scar 2 (there are three drow skins in one cupcake!)

Mynerva~Night Drow: Cleavage B'day gift

Outfit: Cae.B Kabossa Aberu - Grey / Mole Easter Egg Hunt Prize (there are I think 14 eggs out each with an outfit...this was my fav & I think it is a Male outfit) 0L
Sorry in a rush...RL called...resized the belt a bit messily above!!
Hair: Wasabi PillsAntiope Hair: Powder 250L per colour pack

Mynerva~Adele B cup B'day gift 0L

 Cae.B Zingaro Zizz Easter Egg Prize 0L
Hair in Above pic: A&A Anastasia Hair Rustbrown, on SL Marketplace 1L (offer until May 22nd)