Mamboo Chic Skin Boards & Group Gifts

Hi all. I always was a fan of the Pinkinnik skin boards, and happily Leona Olivieri has just as great boards at her new shop Mambo Chic.
There are six 5 minute boards with two great skins.
There are also two group skin gifts and also the Yume lucky board skin in the notices if you join. It is a 250L joining fee.
UPDATE:  NEW LUCKY BOARD Skin Sarah: Gloss Beauty (also on counter for 10L if you do not want to wait) the Iseb skin blogged here is no longer on the boards....

Mamboo Chic: Iseb Opening Gift (Lucky Board skin) 0L
Mamboo Chic: Yume. asian cute freebie (Lucky Board Skin) 0L

Mamboo Chic: Cadicee Tan Tone 16 Group gift (250L joining fee)

Mamboo Chic: Estelle gorgeous beauty Group gift

Mamboo Chic: Estelle sad gorgeous beauty Group gift

Hair: EMO-tions: Charmed: Dark Brown (not free)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry: Innocence Eyes: Purely Purple (Fantasy Faire 10L hunt gift)