Freebie of the Day - April 30th, 2011 @ Moonlight Shadow

Three for you since I missed my Freebie of the Day for a few days....

April 30th Freebie: 

Moonlight Shadow: Gorean Cottier Dress SL Marketplace 0L (this is really great on..I wear it alot)

"Moon_Sha" Gorean Cottier Dress

Hair: Beautiful Dirty Rich: Soledad 1L SL Marketplace
Skin: Pink Fuel: Ember Beestrung not free
Shape:  Halfwraith own

April 29th Freebie

White Noise: Grungey She-Urt & Brazen Wench Duo Packaged SL Marketplace (lots of freebies at the store as well) 0L

Grungey She-Urt & Brazen Wench Duo Packaged

April 28th, 2001 Freebie

Hi all this lovely elven style necklace is free at Silent Woods on SL Marketplace. 0L

Silent Woods: Necklace "Elva" Kadhir SL Marketplace

Silent Woods Freebie, Necklace "Elva" Kadhir