Freebie of the Day - April 27th, 2011 @ Hig's

Here are a few fantasy freebies I found at Hig.

The wandering lady - a gift from Hig @ this location 0L

The other three are at the main store.

Hig: Brown Autumn Flowers fairy 0L

Hig: Funky pink fae - A gift from Hig 0L

HigFeeling like a mermaid dress- A gift from Hig 0L

Skin: Bare Sensual: Denise 003 Best Selling Creations Hunt Gift
Hair:  A&A Cookie MilkChocolate MM board Hair: The link I have given here is not to the store but to the Unboxing Area, which has a TP hub to all the A&A Midnight Mania Boards (with the numbers listed). There is an A&A Treasure Hunt on right now at these various locations. Hair styles change everyday...and in some stores there are also eggs....I picked up a whole bunch of hair through MM mostly.