Freebie of the Day -- April 1st, 2nd & 3rd 2011 - The Shack

Hi all. Busy and sick, so delayed on my Freebies of the Day! There are such great things on the Lucky Boards right now at The Shack, that I thought I'd show you some of my recent wins.

The Shack:  Shamsa Ivory  (I really am in love with this dress!)

Look at the detail in the headdress!

The Shack: Alexander (G) Maroon

The Shack: Verina white

The Shack: Atria (G) Violet

The Shack: April Advent prize: Mip (G) Blue(also comes with veil, hood and mitts)

Skin in all pictures: Filthy April Group Gift (199L joining fee) They also have a Bunny skin - (FYI - I don't do bunny.)
Hair: A&A Voting Present 1st April 2011: Carlotta Mixed Brown 0L