Freebie of the Day -April 19th, 2011 - Gizza Creations

Hi all. This freebie has been blogged elsewhere, but it is a cool one. This is available at  Finesmith Designs.

GizzA Leather Overall / Black 0L

Hair: Posh: Love Rush: Platinum all colours 25L until Sunday
Skin & Ears: Lost in Starnight Faerye Dust Drow Dark  0L (previously can get this skin by itself, or with a full mermaid avatar -there is both a male & female skin)
Boots: SHI Latex boots elite 40% Off: Not Free but discounted to 186L

(Rua-reth the drow warrior was rather grumpy. Her lover had stood her up again - for the third time in a month -too busy fighting orcs he claimed. Hmmm....she thought...perhaps if I meet him on the battlefield in this he will be more attentive...)