Freebie of the Day - April 17th, 2011 - ChiChickie! Hair

Hi all. I was at ChiChickie! today for The Whiz Hunt and there were a few other free hair styles other than the hunt gift.

(The Queen was more than anxious, she was fearful. She had kept her dark thoughts to herself for weeks, but the dreams that visited her at night were full of visions of terror. Her chancellor had expressed no alarm when she had told him flatly that morning that there was evil afoot and it came from the north. He was a sober and trustworthy advisor without any of the mystic in him. Until scouts had brought back reports of black columns of smoke, dead and wounded, battles with a demonic army he would not believe her. But she, as her mother before her, and her mother's mother had the gift of second sight...)

ChiChickie!: The Queen: Black The Whiz Hunt gift (2 other colours)
Skin: CL Designs Gen 2: Sunkissed The Whiz Hunt Gift

(Gaia the spirit of the forest was very sad...all the frogs in her pond had died, her lovely little goldfish were sickening...the birds were fleeing from the north...unseasonably...she could feel in her very essence a disruption of the earth's natural energies...there were unnatural forces flowing forth...)

ChiChickie! : Summer Solstice Giftie: Celebrating Gaia: Blonde 0L
Skin: Coco & Wolf: Antagonistic Decent: Natural Spring Mix & Match Hunt gift
Outfit: Savage: Ivy (old 25 Linden Tuesday special)

ChiChickie: Isabelle: Black in Gift Box - Hair Fair 2010 0L

ChiChickie: Robin : Black Pink tint March Group Gift (Subscribo gift)
Mynerva: Stretched Lobe Ears (not free)
Sterling Artistry: Forest Elf Eyes, CelinFerns (not free)