Free Skins @ Re.birth

Hi all. Was passing through Re.birth on the The Best Selling Creations Hunt and noticed the cupboard of free skins. These are a little experimental...but i like a couple of them!

First I have to show you a close-up of the Re.birth The Best Selling Creations Hunt skin! 

Skin: Re.birth: Angels: Parrot The Best Selling Creations Hunt gift
Eyelashes/liner: Bird Next Door Shop Black Lashes & War Stripes Promo (I am just wearing the tattoo lashes) 5L SL Marketplace
Eyes: Bird Next Door Shop: Colourful Eyes : Aqua 1L on SL Marketplace

Here is one of the freebie skins you can get...but I think these skins need make sure you wear some.
Skin: Re.birth:Demon: Mara: Special: Fairy Sneeze 0L

Magic Freebie Skin Cupboard

Hair: A&A Layla Hair Chestnut, boxed &(recoloured black) Midnight Mania Board prize. The link I have given here is not to the store but to the Unboxing Area, which has a TP hub to all the A&A Midnight Mania Boards (with the numbers listed). There is an A&A Treasure Hunt on right now at these various locations. Hair styles change everyday...and in some stores there are also eggs....I picked up a whole bunch of hair through MM, the treasure box & eggs.
Cheers, Pips