Feather Fairy in Seafoam 50L this Weekend @ Angelwing

This NEW RELEASE Feather Fairy by Angelwing is only 50L in the Sea Foam colour this weekend. 

The feathers are animated and fall off around you...so cool!

(Fairies love to look pretty, it is a genetic necessity of the race...and Jess the Feather Fairy was no exception. She was vain as vain could be down to her very toes. Her favourite thing other than looking at her reflection in the pond tho' was to tickle human noses with her feathers...(invisibly of course)...and make them sneeze...she loved spring time and all the sneezing...it gave her an excuse to tickle all the more...)

Shot at Isle of the Mists sim.

Skin: Style by Kira - 49Skin for Whiz Hunt April, 2011
Hair: Diversity Hair; Jess Iconic Blonde (at Free Dove)