Fantasy Faire 2011 - Trap - I'm Spiked on their RFL items

Hi all. I am sure my regular readers are getting a bit sick and tired of my Fantasy Faire 2011 blogging as lots of stuff I am covering is way more than my usual 300L limit, but I have been having fun! 

It is such a great event and there are so many talented designers at that the Faire that I am constantly in awe of the creative power that is in Second Life. That is one of the reasons that I dropped my limit during this event. 

We have freebies and deals in SL only because of this creative power. On Monday I will be back to my regular blogging, but for me this Faire has been awesome and I have picked up some great stuff (and have seen tons of others things I am saving up for).

One of the designers I was not very familiar with before the Faire was Trap. I am so in love with their Relay for Life items, and I finally decided today I could not live without them. Trap is on the Dark Mirage Sim. 

Trap: Spiked Coat 300L RFL item  // Trap: Spiked Pants 200L RFL item
Look at the collar and die for. Worn with The Plastik : Aquamer: Andri skin
Exile Hair: Ali- Pearl 0L