Fantasy Faire 2011 - Sneak Peak - Material Squirrel - Melody Wings RFL Items

Fantasy Faire starts tomorrow!!!! And my oh my. These are gorgeous wings. Material Squirrel is releasing 4 sets of Melody wings (with 10 wing options each) as their Relay for Life Items for Fantasy Faire 2011. The Melody Wing packs will be only 299L for each pack. All proceeds of the sale will go to RFL. The HUD that comes with these wings is amazing, you can adjust Flapping speed, Wing Size (these can get really big!), Flexiness, Flying Felixiness, Wing span, Landing Settings, Landing Opions, and they Emote! Very great.

These will be limited edition wings for sale for the duration of the 2011 RFL Season - at the Fantasy Faire and then at the Material Squirrel store. After that they will be GONE. They ARE limited edition, they will not be sold after the close of 2011 Relay for Life (which is sometime in July).

I can't show you 40 different wing types, but I will show you a few of the lovely colours in each set.

Material Squirrel: Moon Dust Pack

Material Squirrel: Night Breed Pack

Material Squirrel: Shimmer Jewels Pack

Material Squirrel: Romantic Pastels Pack

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Dress: **Angelwing **Anakarina set 0L (This set comes with its own wings, but went nicely with these too.)
Skin: Another Fundraiser petite morte. 50L
Hair: Clawtooth: Kiss Kiss Wheat 50L (today on 50L Friday.)

Fantasy Faire 2011, April 2 – 10th * *