Fantasy Faire 2011 - Simply Fae - Purple RFL Donation Sale Today & Tomorrow Only!

Hi all. Boaz Sands has put everything in  purple on as Relay for Life Items between 20% and 75% off.  So if you having eying certain purple lovelies this is the time to get them, and all the proceeds go to charity. Simply Fae is at the Magical and Fantastical Sim. They range in price from 10L-300L. Most items are marked at 200L. Today Boaz will match any donations!
Here are a few!
Simply Fae: Collette purple ballgown 10L

Simply Fae: Valdora Combo purple goth gown 125L

Pose Fair Freebie: lauria  Butterfiles
Hair: Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - Crystal Pink 150L Relay for Life Item @ Fantasy Faire 2011 Exotic Worlds Sim

Simply Fae  Dart Frog Fairy 300L

Simply Fae  Nadira 250L

Simply Fae  Devora's Petals 200L

Simply Fae  Cute or Clumsy Fairy 200L