Fantasy Faire 2011 - Purple Power @ Mer-Elf Creations

Hi all. Mer-Elf Creations has a 40L sale on everything purple at Fantasy Faire 2011. They are in the Sea of Mer Sim. 

Mer-Elf Creations - May Queen - Lilac (this includes shape-worn) 40L

Mer-Elf Creations: Aurelina- Purple 40L

Mer-Elf Creations Bellariel 2- Purple (comes with Shape-worn) 40L

Mer-Elf Creations Christina Purple (comes with multiple veil options and skirt options) 40L

Mer-Elf Creations Maelynn-Dragon Fruit 40L

Hair: A&A NouNou Hair Chestnut  SL Marketplace 1L
Skin: Mother Goose Devon Lucky Board Prize