Fantasy Faire 2011 - The Plastik RFL items - 3 days to get them!

Hi all. I am in love love with The Plastik New Release Aquamer skins. These are so cool, and I think they have wearing possibilities way past just for mermaid use. They come in a wide variety of colours in the Aquamer pack. The Relay for Life items are 4 colours of the Aquamer. All RFL items come with 16 skin tones, matching ears, and fatpack of Aquamer eyes and fatpack of Aquamer tattoos! Wow. Both The Plastik and Evie's Closet  are on the Forest of Light Sim.

The Plastik Aquamer Skin- Shimah RFL item (showing Shimah-Smudge & Caesius-Rain Eyes) 

Shown with Evie's Closet New Release Lumina: Nymph. Evie's Closet is at the Forest of Light Sim. This is also a RFL item.

The Plastik Aquamer Skin- Marite RFL item (showing Marite-Stargazer-& Caesius-Love Eyes)

The Plastik Aquamer Skin- Aida RFL item (showing Aida-Void)

The Plastik Aquamer Skin- Clau RFL item (showing Clau-Warlord, Caesius-Fantasy Eyes)

Showing New Release Evie's Closet Lumina Mermaid: Pale.