Fantasy Faire 2011 - The Plastik 10L Grab Bag

Hi all. Oh there is a great deal at The Plastik booth @ Fantasy Faire 2011Vaelian (aikea.rieko) has but out a 10L grab bag full of lovely little goodies. I don't know if this will be out all Faire long, or just this I would hurry!!
The Plastik is in the Forest of Light Sim here at:

Fantasy Faire 2011 runs until April 10th.

The Plastik: Amber Skin..there are more than 20 different makeups of this skin in the grab bag!!!

The Plastik: Aquamer Skins are NEW Release skins. They are being launched at Fantasy Faire 2011.
Four Tones of the Aquamer line are The Plastik: Relay for Life donation Items.

Generous Vaelian (aikea.rieko) has added two tones of The Plastik: Aquamer skins to the grab bag!

The Plastik: Aquamer: Karmaberry: Gills (the Karmaberry set comes with 4 skin tones, matching ears and eyes)

The Plastik: Aquamer: Tangaberry: Gills (the Karmaberry set comes with 4 skin tones and three types of matching ears and eyes)

The Plastik: BunnyPeeps (shoulder and head attachments in 5 colours) and headphones (in 6 colours). There are also left shoulder and hand attachments of these Bunnypeeps

The Plastik: Lungless Symphony: Crushed Clarity Outfit (a couple of differnt options of this)

WOW!! Thank you Vaelian!!

Hair: Secrets Hair: Careless in Pink & Orange. 
Hair: Secrets Hair: Whimsy: Blonde (with Amber skin)
Eyes (with Amber skin): Sterling Artistry : Anime Eyes: Silver
Secrets Hair& Sterling Artistry are in the Forest of Light  Sim:
Kisses, Pips