Fantasy Faire 2011 -Lvs&co - 10L Fairies etc

Lvs&co is a store I discovered this Fantasy Faire 2011. (Actually I was tipped off by a fairy I admired about a month ago in the Nerida dress). I am not sure about the Fairy costumes which are only 10L!!! if they will be around at this price after the Faire, but they have lovely gowns at great prices all the time. 

This is probably my last blog on the Fantasy Faire 2011. (Partially 'cause I have run out of money...eyes Fallen Gods fairy skins sadly...maybe next month!) Thank you to all the creators!! Your talent and generousity amazes me! Lvs&co is on the Fantastical & Magical Sim. 

And good news to you fantasy bargain shoppers! My poverty means you are getting great bargains for the rest of the month!! Yay!

Lvs&co Fairy Nerida (green) 99L (regular price) I am standing in yes the dress is longer :)

Lvs&co Fairies Blue 10L 
Worn with Lvs&co Happily Ever After:Royal Fae Circlet Moonstone 25L

Lvs&co Fairies Purple 10L (pink is also 10L)

Skin: Mother Goose: Hena Lucky Board prize
Hair: Secrets Hair: Mayana: Blonde previously blogged