Fantasy Faire 2011 - Evie's Closet 50L Avery Fairy...Lovely!

Hi all. It is day 2 of the Fantasy Faire 2011!!!. As you may know  Evie's Closet  is the SIM sponsor of the Forest of Light Sim! Evie's Closet just sent a notice about a wonderful outfit out at the front of her shop in the Forest of Light Sim, at Fantasy Faire 2011Find Evie's Closet at the the Forest of Light Sim here:

Her Avery Fairy outfit in Blue, Pink, and White is available for only 50L! It is available in Tiny sizes too! Thank you Evie! What a wonderful way to treat Fantasy Faire 2011 shoppers!

Tiny Avery White 50L

Tiny Avery Blue 50L

Tiny Avery Pink 50L

Avery White 50L

Avery Blue 50L

Avery Pink 50L

Also Evie let us know that  on Monday the 4th of April, on the Forest of Light at 4:00pm SLT, they're going to be locking her in a cage. 

She'll be lying in a Sleeping Beauty style bed, surrounded by thorns, and the idea is to get her out by donating. There will be a goal set and she'll be stuck in there until the goal is  reached! 

We all love Evie's Closet designs so much that I am sure that lots of fans will be there adding to the donation pot to help get her out!!!