Fantasy Faire 2011 - Enchanted Mysts Quest - The Princess is Crowned & there are Gifties

Hi all. You are all invited to the Coronation celebration for newly crowned Queen Ilear at the Enchanted Mysts Sim. All the guests will receive presents for a small donation to RFL -1L minimum - but please give more if you can.  The coronation gifts are lovely! Look for the rising mysts over water.

Diamond Webs Gown ~WHITE~ by Caverna Obscura

 Rings Highlights Hair-ShaNoodle's  (colour changing and animated)

FallnFaeriesSetGreen - Gift from FallnAngels Creations

Skinthesis: Wandering Eyes

Enchanted Mysts Dome - 38 prims! Fallen Gods

An Lema : Alqualonde Meeting Chair 

MacMoragh and Muse (KittyCat Creations) Patch Fair special (they also have a necklace)

Darby the Faun's Throwing Acorn (does damage) MacMoragh and Muse (KittyCat Creations)

MacMoragh and Muse (KittyCat Creations) Ragged

Pretty Things by Lihan: Easter Eggs & Bowl of Butterflies (also a tablecloth and candle)

Fantavatar: Relaxing Tree

Frippery: Hope Blooms Necklace

More to come......vendors put out more stuff

Wasabi Pills: The Hat
Rebel -X- *! Leather Pants + Apron
Lotus Tie :: by Khyle Sion at ~Refined Wild~

 Table Candelabra - Purple Candles The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass: Twilight Dress (also comes with a flowered skirt option)

And don't forget to pick up the Fallen Gods  face tat on the walk :)

Skin in all the above picks: Adam N Eve: Ebony RFL item (Forest of Light Sim)

Fallen Gods: MAGNIFICAT Face Jewelry