Elikatira Sale with a segue into Dark FairyTales

Hi all. Elikatira is having a not so Secret Hair Sale and shoe sale this Easter weekend. Individual color packs are 80L and Essential packs are 90L. Fatpacks are 450L (and these are enormous). I used to buy colour packs from her old store ETD, but I find I use the styles I bought as Essential Packs so much more...it is  a great deal, 'cause you get a sampling of all the main colours...including white for drows. Her hair is so wonderful you will not be disappointed. I got two styles I have been eying because they just let elf ears peak through....without sticking through my elf ears - a feature I always have my eye out for.
Elikatira: Hye Blonde 07 90L (Essential Colour pack)
The lovely Wonderland Special Edition topper is by Dark FairyTales and a group gift.
Skin is Group Gift 1 by Mynerva (there are 4 gorgeous skins out as group gifts, and it is only 50L to join.)

This is another one I bought
Elikatira: Follow (Essentials Pack 90L)

As for shoes & boots. Everything is deeply discounted...shoes are 60L and boots are 70L. Elikatira Secrets boots (below) which I am in love with are 70L a pair & 650L for an all colour pack...that is for 14 different colours of this boot so less than 50L a pair! Ok that is over my limit...but such a deal for those that live in boots like me.

 Ok this is a lil of "look what I won! yay!" because the hunt is over....but ....as a subscribo member of Dark FairyTales I was told that there was an easter egg hunt at the store yesterday....only 12 eggs in all with this great outfit in them in various colours...so I went of course and was lucky enough to find an egg...this outfit sans hat is now on the mob vend and if you love it as much as I do then you need to get some friends together and head over to the store...it will go as low as 350L.
Dark FairyTales: Wonderland White Rabbit  (lavender)