Cupcakes Easter Egg Hunt & Other stores too!

Hi all. There are some cute dresses & lovely skins on the Cupcakes hunt. There are 18 Cupcakes eggs to find.

The Hunt is actually a sim wide Hunt. There are gifts out by Sanu, A.D.D Andel!, Body Doubles, Lauria.

Here are some of the great gifties!

Cupcakes: Meadow Whisper

Cupcakes: Meadow Cameo

Cupcakes: Meadow Copper
Cupcakes: Meadow Sienna

Cupcakes: Meadow Sepia

Cupcakes: Meadow Bunny

Cupcakes: Meadow Tiramisu

Cupcakes: Meadow Mocha

Cupcakes: Lolita Dress - Heart You

Cupcakes: Lolita Dress: Spring Flowers

Body Doubles Modifiable Shape for JeSylilo Gum Skin 0L
(Shown wearing Cupcakes Floral Lingerie Easter egg gift & Holdable egg gift mushroom from A.D.D. Andel!

Sanu: Bunny in Egg

Hair in all pics: Clawtooth: Easy Breezy in the colour Orange you Glad (50L Friday Special today)
Wings: Material Squirrel Giselle Wings Lucky Board Prize in Mint & Light Blue. Material Squirrel: