60L Weekend specials - April 3rd -Fantasy friendly items

Sorry this is so late, but I am dealing with a RL spring sickliness and the Fantasy Faire 2011. You still have all day today to shop. Sale is over tonight at midnight.

Kastle Rock Couture April Showers, Pink and Lavender

Ava-tare (three styles as usual)  Candy Black Hair is one.

Felicia's Fashions  Erikah: Lilac

Milestone Creations  Tempest Tide Mermaid

Ephemeral Neko, Mayfly, and BodyFire http://slurl.com/secondlife/Noul/196/192/65

Malfean Visions: in Purple and green

*N@N@  Bella 

INzane's Creations Wild Buttercup