30 Linden Saturday - April 16th - Pip's Picks

Hi all. Lots of stuffs this week...but sadly no Junbug...I've also included some housewares this week...

Silk Worms: Fanny Adams

Leri Miles Designs: Devon Corsets

Silken Desires: Hair Feathers

 Una & Luas: Sura Red

Torvis Gorean Weapons: Silvana Silks (with throwing scroll...take that you naughty masta)

Whatz: Glamour Slave

May's Soul: Casey Lila

 Damned: Maisy Blue

Juicy Larma: Lady Anna Twilight

United InshCon: Long Bow

United InshCon: Gazebo & Camp Fire

Soul Effects: Flowers (they have lots of great deals on garden stuff & is it spring)

Gorean Trading Goods: Curule Chairs

Mastah & mi: Native American Music Drums