Yay! I won my first photo contest in SL!

Hi all, I am thrilled to have won a photo contest! Me who a mere 2 months ago did not know what a windlight setting was...yes I was a SL photo noobie. And I decided to have a fashion blog?? Go figure.

Well the wonderful, kind, generous (and talented - you should see her photos!) Sansa (Sorcha Irelund) picked my picture for her blog's photo contest winner. And I won a $500L gift card to...yes...Evie's Closet. Cause it is free (kind of) I will blog my pick of the Evie's Closet gorgeousness when I get it.

Here is the winner -- hokily called First Kiss

If you are interested you can see the full sized/better resolution picture at Sansa's great blog! 
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