Timeless Treasure Hunt -- Fantasy picks

Hi all yes I know Fashion for Life is on, and I will cover some stuff, but I hate lag and it is lagilicious there for me on my MAC. Maybe I will try again tonight. Meanwhile I will bring you some fabulous fantasy hunt gifts from the "Timeless Treasure Hunt." All the LMs and hints can be found on the Timeless Treasure hunt Blog: http://timelesstreasureshunt.blogspot.com/

First of all there is a gorgeous Tuli Skin. When I heard that I rushed around on this hunt right away. The Tuli skin is a hunt exclusive and comes in 4 tones, with three colours of matching eyebrows and an eyebrow shaper.
Tuli: Zoe : fair 

Tuli: Zoe : pale
Tuli: Zoe : sunkissed
Tuli: Zoe : Tan (oh I am so in love)

The amazing hair is Dark Orchid: Midnight and is one of the 4 "Timeless Treasure Hunt" hunt prizes from Eshi Otawara @  Dark Orchid. The lashes and eyes are part of the EAB gift from EAB:: Ms March Eyelashes by LDK, and Anime: Dolly eyes, and the lashes fit me without hardly any adjustment! 

Style by Kira another skin line I am a fan of has a Maria skin in 3 tones. (This is a pretty skin, but I like the 25L ones on the counter at her store better.)

Maria skin 01

Maria skin 02
Maria Skin 03

The hair again is another hairstyle from Dark orchid: Crown Hair: Silver Orange. It also come in platinum. The eyes are the free Gem eyes: Amythest at Tuli. Pick them up when your are there.

There is also a third skin from EAB which come with an asian shape, lashes, facelight, eyes, hair base tattoo and 7 skins with makeups, amazing long nails with colour changing hud and an oriental tattoo -wow thank you!

Wearing Miss March 2011, Asian skin Oriental Blush II, oriental shape, lashes, eyes, and tattoo from EAB gift. The hair is EMO-tions Nabu 2, their gift. This is a great braided style.

Wearing Miss March 2011, Asian skin mask

This amazing Spider Eye face tattoo in 6 colours is from Dark Orchid. The sea horse Necklace and earrings are from CUDA. This is the Crown Hair: Platinum.

This dress is from E: Eclectic Apparel and Accessories, Sunshine dress. The pic is taken on the Forest Floor gift, a cute lil forest.

This cool Ellabella piercing is another hunt gift. I love piercings! You can wear this without the mouth piece as well. 

There is also a red silk-like dress at Paris Metro. Tahiti Dream. Worn without the lacking in fantasy summer hat.

And these are the Purrfect 10 Serenity Amethyst rose shoes hunt gift - gorgeous. Wow two pairs of rose heels today...see my blog on the Lazy Sunday special - today is a good day :)