Pure Juice - A lovely skin Deal for 75L from Apple May

I went to Pure Juice the day before yesterday to scan for some fantasy deals. What I liked the most was a set of Skins by Apple May - Arabell in 7 tones for 75L I am a elfin sucker for delicate skins that are low on makeups and cheeap and these fit the bill. There also is a very pretty and well detailed single skin called Ava by ReBirth for 75L too (I must just have to go back for it.) Pure Juice also has a set of fae poses Rhoslynn (11 in all) from VAGO  for 50% off at 250L.

Here is a gander at a few of the Apple May skins. These are nice clean skins to add makeup to, and I like the darker tones in this set. They range in tone from Gothy to Dark.