Last Chance to Steam - Cool Wings and Things

Hi all. Just a last minute peak at the wings available on the 4th Annual Steam Hunt. The Hunt ends on Thursday so go get these if you didn't already. These are really unusual wings, and a great addition to any funky fae's collection.

 Tea & Strychnine:  Tea & Strychnine Steam Wings

Malfean Visions: Gearhouse Wings

MAJD shop (2nd hunt gift) Pose with Butterfly and Steam Wings (the gears are animated and turn)

Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy T Day After Steampunk wings

Outfit in pictures 1, 2: Snowpaws Steam Hunt Prize: Victorian Spy. 
Perfectly matching boots: Ztique: Black & White Burlesque 135L

Outfit in picture 3, 4: Rag Dollz* Steam Hunt Prize: La Masquerade de Steam

Skin in all pics: Curious Kitties Azil snow skin: Peaceful Sakura 0L
Hair: Truth: Jesse: Silver 0L