Hunt for Role Play 2 - Pip's picks- Part 2

Here are some more of the Hunt for Role Play 2 items.
All the links are on the H4RP2 blog:

Dare Designs: Crypthunter. 
Sword: Korba Huet SpellFire Weapons unscripted Cortosis Sword. 
(Worn with Hair Lamb: Glow Redux : Powder 50L. 
Skin: Mother Goose Judith Lucky Board prize.)

Southpaw: Chain generation 2.0 colour changing Elf ears.
(Worn with SyDS Lucky Board hair Acid:Caramel. Skin CheerNo Femme: Dahlia2 Light  Euphoria Hunt gift. )

Falcon Products Light Fairy band, with on or off bubble effect
Falcon Products Viking Helmet
Falcon Products Valkrie Helmet

Sa-eela : Sakhon Kirtle 
(a bit frumpy, but it looks like authentic village RP garb) -I love Sa-eela's stuff don't get me wrong :)

Returned Karma : Girl's Arrow Belt (this is so cute)

Devil's Trade : Gorean Girl Outfit

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Here are a few of the things I found on the "Hunt for Role Play 2". This is not a usual fashion hunt:)

All the links are on the H4RP2 blog: