Freebies of the Day March 7th - Beautiful Dirty Rich Fantasy Friendly Hair

 Beautiful Dirty Rich is a great place to get free fantasy hair styles. They add new ones fairly frequently so it is a good idea to check in at the store and on SL Marketplace periodically.  All these styles are on the freebie wall at the store. There are more freebies in the store and on SL Marketplace. If you are like me and can never own too much hair this is a great way to experiment and change your look for free!

Dayana is a great wild style side sweep SL Marketplace.
*B.D.R.* Dayana Hair Majestic / Free Hair / Long Hair / Side Curly Hair

Xena is so cute I had to have it the moment I saw it. Comes with the silver hair clip. SL Marketplace.
*B.D.R.* Xena Hair Majestic / Free Hair / Long Curly Ponytail

Braids are perfect for role play-  on SL Marketplace
*B.D.R.* Coracoes (Hearts) / Free / Freebie / Gift

Scarlett is great for a more formal look but fantasy enough looking for a fae or elf. SL Marketplace
*B.D.R.* Scarlett Hair Coral / Free Hair / Side Curly Hair

Zahara is a great side sweep with or without the flower. SL Marketplace

*B.D.R.* Zahara Hair Majestic / Free Hair / 2 Styles Included

Maddy is an Elegant updo SL Marketplace
*B.D.R.* Maddy Hair Coral / Free Hair / Elegant Updo

These two are at the Store only.
Chelsea with hairband or without