Freebies of the Day -March 29th, 2011 -Tribal Soul

Tribal Soul/Secrets Hair is part of the Forest of Light sim at the Fantasy Faire 2011, and Syndel (syndel.daviau) let me know that she is often too lazy to clean up old hunt items in the store - and there are 7 great fantasy gifts out to find from old hunts that she is going to keep out until the Fantasy Faire 2011 starts, and then she is cleaning house. 

One of them is simply fabulous. The Pink Fairy is a complete avatar (sans cloths). It includes gorgeous huge eyes, hair, shape, pink skin, ears, and cool fairy sandals. The shape as you can see is very cute. If you didn't get it then get it now!
Tribal Soul Pink Fairy

And ...gulp...there are two gorgeous drow skins waiting to be found.
Tribal Soul - Naturale- Light Drow

Tribal Soul - Naturale- Night Drow

Outfit: The Shack:  Tipi : Ramberry Lucky Board Prize, Secrets Hair: Felicia 0L

Me likes!
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