Freebie of the Day - March 8th (belated) Happy International Women's Day

Hey all I am a day behind but I fell asleep early last night so am catching up.

So I am blogging on this Free outfit created by Mascha Boa designer of jetaime
This is what she said about the outfit:
Hi Girls and dear Ladies....since 1911 millions of women all over the world celebrate the International Women’s Day. In my eyes a woman is a sunshine for the family, her lover, children, friends… So i was inspirated to create this free special Edition *Maren* Starnite – its not only a cute romantic look, but in this case symbol for endless numbers of suns, cause every star in the sky is a sun...

Happy International Women's Day

I am not oblivious to the irony of blogging on sexy lingerie in SL for Women's Day BUT still I say 
together in our womanhood, everyone give your breasts an lil jiggle and say yay I am a woman! On a more somber note have a moment to think on the women who are living less than liberated existences and thank the people out there that are making an effort to turn the world into a better place for everyone.

Kisses Pips