Freebie of the Day -- March 4th 2011 - TWA

I am channelling Joan of Arc today. I have found myself occasionally in the past taking the male gift rather than the gown at The White Armory, especially if it is armor-like (the ladies gasp). No need this week because the male gift out Lancelot Tunic is free for the taking. Not only at TWA, but also on SL marketplace. The tunic itself needs some resizing to fit the female form or you will have the dreaded big bottom look. I have worn this outfit now without the tunic and it looks just great. The skin is Yvonne from Mother Goose, and is clean and innocent looking.

Lancelot Men's Tunic (without tunic)
 With Tunic

Skin, Mother Goose, Yvonne 1L
Hair, Exile, Dane Apricot OL
Eyes: Big Black Eyes, part of the Twisted Hunt at Beauty Killer (see previous blog)
Outfit: Lancelot Men's Tunic at TWA on the Men's Gift Board & Free at: