Freebie of the Day -March 23rd, 2011 - Cleopatra - Homage to Elizabeth Taylor

The great Elizabeth Taylor passed today, and there is a kinda plurked blogger challenge to do homages to her. Shay did a great one today, see her blog:
I chose to do her Cleopatra stage - as I thought she was so beautiful in her early Richard Burton years. It was that or Ivanhoe.

The great hair is from Wish, and is 0L. It comes in two scripted styles and two eyebrow shapes. It is called FreeLizTaylor animated2hairstyles. 
The eyeliner is a freebie from Skinthesis:Walk Like an Egyptian. 
The outfit is a Shack Lucky Board Prize: Cleopatra Violet. 
The skin is a past hunt gift from Style by Kira: Paula Skin 01B New Year's Resolution Hunt. The eyebrows worn are with the Paula skin, as the ones from the Wish set are too subtle. The box pick makes them look very dramatic but the ones in the freebie are quite dainty. If anyone knows where to get this kind of thick 60's arched brow inexpensively in SL give me a shout.
I think this Paula skin really gives a Elizabeth Taylor 60's look. (Tho' she wore blue & green eyeshadow in the film - did she start the craze for big blue eyeshadow??? Fashion history question to ponder.)
Violet eyes part of a 10L colour pack at Southpaw 

Shot at Wish.


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