Freebie of the Day -March 14th (belated) Free Drow avatars & skin

Sorry I have a RL non-fantasy cold so this is belated. I have been looking for freebie drow skins on the grid. There are two complete avatar Drow Kits at Terry Toland's Chaotic Neutral, and one is a lighter skinned version (harder to find for free). These come with Shapes, Eyes, AO's etc.

 Drow/Dark Elf Skin Female - Steel Starter Kit

Drow/Dark Elf Female Midnight Starter Kit

The creator also has several other complete avatar kits available for free, including male versions of the drow avatars, fairy's, a peasant wench etc.

Terry also has a tip jar. Almost everything is free is this store, so to help keep these available for everyone if you have L's please add a few to his jar. If you are a noob with no L's this is made just for you so don't feel guilty.

There is a brownish free drow skin at ViGo's Creations mainstore as well, on the top floor in the freebie section. I prefer grey tones/silvery tones for a Drow skin tho', but there is some nice detail in this skin.
Here is it is.

If you want to glam up your drow skin, there is a free silver lip makeup at Glam Skins near the entrance.

Multi-Fantasy lip 9 (this worked best with the Steel shade Drow from Terry Toland)

If you love the light skinned drow look and have a few L's check out the grey Mary skin @ The Changing Room for 70L (see my blog on the latest deals there). This is a great skin and inexpensive.