Fifty Linden Friday...March 4th --Skin skins

Hi all if you don't go to The Plastik today to get this most awesome 50L deal may you will regret it I am sure. They have the two Valah skin with matching ears on for only 50L. This is a major deal and The Plastik skins are sooo lovely. Lots of people there so be prepared for laaaag. Each pack includes twenty skins and makeup options.  You also get matching ears and glowing eyes. A steal.

Valah Skins Dark Magic and Light Magic 50L

Exodi also has a skin on for 50L today. This is an exclusive Sylvan pre-release skin in FIVE skin tones with light, red and dark eyebrows. Personally I am not a huge Exodi fan 'cause I feel I always look like I put a lot of fake tanner on (they are a lil orangy for my taste, but loads of peps swear by them). They are very generous with their gifts and I like their lucky chairs so who am I to quibble. Cleavage and freckles options included as well as 4 colors of tattoo hair bases! NEW MAIN STORE SLURL

Slvan Skin 50L