Fashion for Life -- Mystic Sky

Ok I spent too much in the first three stores at Fashion for Life  (I will not tell you which ones) so now I am on a budget for the the next three months or so. I can't even blog about them as they were outfits that were well over my 300L limit. (Only part of what I spent was on FFL stuffs - that at least I can think of as a charitable donation). After that shark feeding frenzy, and the subsequent buyer's remorse, the Mystic Sky booth was like a breathe of fresh air price wise for this Fantasy lover in SL. They had three outfits that were very affordably priced. The Mystic Sky booth is near Evie's Closet (which I had run out of L's before I got to!!!) in the Arbus sim. I have to go back to Evie's Closet as there is a FFL offer that I can't pass up.

Cherish is 225L

Belladonna is 200L

Loralee Fae is 225L

There is also a free hair flower gift and a hair wreath for 50L.

Here I am in the Cherish gown, and the hair wreath from Mystic Sky. I am also wearing the Amacci: Eva Hair (only 100 at FFL) and the Euphoria Hunt Glance skin hunt gift.