Fantasy Faire 2011 - Countdown - Only 8 days To go!

Fantasy Faire 2011 is fast approaching! It starts next Saturday April 2nd. Come one, come all ye fantasy loving folk. There will be hunts, wonderful vendors, and great Relay for Life donation items (you can combine generousity with your love for fantasy fashion). And..oh yes! I am an official Forest of Light Fantasy Faire blogger. Pips does an elven jig! They have assigned blogger's to certain sims, so my main focus will be on the following designers. However, I will still blog hunts and deals Faire wide. This will be a week of Fantasy focused fashion in SL - so something you do not want to miss!!!

FOREST OF LIGHT  will be a sim filled with beautiful trees and alive with magic. The SIM sponsor is Evie’s Closet: Evangeline Miles. (Pips does an elven two-step!)
Featured Stores are: WyrmwoodMaterial Squirrel WingsSecrets Hair / Tribal Soul                                                              *Epic* & Fae Faire     
Themed Stores are: *Fairy Pearls*, **Angelwing**, HerbalysBare RoseLuminous DesignsAdam n Eve,   Sterling Artistry,  Tayren’s Fantasy,  Mab & Co. , Star Journey,  Atea Avatars  [Plastik.] , Curious Kitties & Illusions .

Thanks to Shay Teardrop for sending me the info!! She is blogging another SIM so check out her blog for other great fantasy designers.

For more information about the Faire check out:


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