Fantastic Fantasy - Mystic Hope Lucky Chair Wins and a Freebie

Hi all. I am increasingly finding if you hold off blogging on anything in SL others will scoop you. I think the collective conscious is alive and well. It is like the day you say -  tomorrow I will do do Mystic Hope - something from them appears on Fab Free or elsewhere. That happened to me today. So today I am doing Mystic Hope.

H's never ..em...rarely come up on the Mystic Hope chair (at least when I am there). I have a saying now that certain chair's in SL (like cockney accents) drop their H's. If I had just known about lucky chairs I would now be Xanthe, or just plain Wraith, or Zara...sighs. This chair is one of them. Getting these outfits was about a three week effort. If you are a Z, A, X, P, R, S, I, J, or K you will be more in luck....Update: Bite my tongue... I was just there and there were three H's in a on the women's and two on the men's...yah!

I have to send a thank you out to Armonya Woodget, who has so many friends that she uses to move lucky chairs that the Mystic Hope chairs were hopping last weekend. I am now on her friends list so she can call me when my H comes up. I won two of these outfits in two hours. Ty! Why these chairs are worth the effort is 'cause the outfits are so wonderful, and they rotate about 20 outfits it seems. Some of these are also male outfits. I think they work well for women.

MysticHope - Princess Of Hope Blue Lucky Chair

MysticHope - Diablo Black Red Lucky Chair (skirt kinda go bitten off by the mist)

MysticHope - Diablo Purple Lucky Chair 

MysticHope - Faryds Revenge Red - Lucky Chair (this is the male one)

FREEBIE (this is what Fab Free blogged the male version). This is the female version and comes with boots. It is pretty fab indeed.

Soullight 0L

Skin in all pics, Mother Goose Lucky Board: Alicia, Freckles. Eyes from the Moonstruck freebie wall (in the market) Eyes: 01 by Solace. Hair: Magika: NaylaPacific Crisis Fundraiser 50L hair. 
Such as cute skin, thank you Mother Goose!

There are also a few MM board prizes.
Mystic Hope Ahid Rose MM Board this is a male prize but very cute - if you can take your eyes off the decapitated head 

Also on the MM Board are these Magic Ballerina Green slippers

Boots in all picks, but the Freebie, Dare Designs Belladonna II Vampire Delight Hunt prize. See my blog on this hunt from yesterday.

Creepy location? 'Tis just outside Rune.