Evie's Closet SALE Everything Green for 99L to 150L at FFL: Arbus Sim

Evie's Closet is joining the great green wave sweeping across the RFL Fashion For Life Event today and has marked down -everything- green in the store on the Arbus sim :
Items usually priced 500L or higher are $150L.
Items usually priced under 500L are just $99L.
It's for today only, and ONLY at the Fashion For Life Event. 
It all starts here: Arbus Sim http://slurl.com/secondlife/Arbus/65/185/23

Well, green and brown are my favourite dress colours for this SL Elf so it is no surprise that I grabbed up all the outfits I did not have in that colour. I really did buy out all the green in store and spent very lil to do so. This was like the sale of the year for me!!!! Really I bought all these dresses for the good of my lovely readers...so not selfish and indulgent at all...really....smiles and rubs hands with glee at all the loveliness!

*Evie's Closet* Willo O' The Wisp - Tempest (Soft Green) 99L

*Evies Closet* Briony Gown - Verdant 150L

EC* Elizabeth - Green 99L

*EC* Cariad Gown - Forest 99L

*EC* Isabella Green (Long Gown) (comes with hair) 150L

*EC* Melusine - Green 99L

*EC* Nyria - Green 99L

*EC* Saiyge - Green 99L

*EC* Saiyge Encore- Green 150L

*Evie's Closet* Amarie's Bower - Green 150L

*Evie's Closet* Coppelia - Lilypad 99L

*Evie's Closet* Fable Gown - Green 150L

*Evie's Closet* Faery - Dryad Green 99L

*Evie's Closet* Lyra - (Leaf) 99L

*Evie's Closet* Ren - Green 150L

*Evie's Closet* Milli - Apple Sorbet 150L

*Evie's Closet* Lyra II - Leaf 99L

*Evie's Closet* - Lyric - Pistachio 99L

Hair in most shots: *Birth* S7ven Hair - Female - Black OR  Aqua Night a wonderful Diamond's Is Mine 2 Hunt (DIMH2) prize.

Yes I did just feature everything green on the sale except I think two items - either pulled from my inventory or bought today :)
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Elly <Honey>  - Spotted Love from the DIMH2 (blogged yesterday)