Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2 - Fantasy Picks

Hi all. Just thought I would show you a few of my my fantasy  picks for the Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2.

This is a great hunt and there is lots more to see depending on your taste. 

Lionskin skin and Birth S7ven Hair - Female - Aqua Night

Pink Fuel gives us this great Elly:Spotted Love Skin (with and without tooth options) and Concrete Flowers' gift is the wonderful Varblane necklace 

Al Vulo gives us this Jolie skin, ICED gives us this Elizabeth necklace, ChiChi of London gives us this hair (comes with Bluebell dress).

ChiChi of London also gives us this great Catwomen outfit 

EMO-tion's gift is  Obsession in White hair (and two other colours), Maverick's gift is the Destiny skin in pale.  

JeSyLiLo's gift is this AnGe:TanSkin, Diva's Gift is this Dia Hairstyle with bow in four colours. The gorgeous earrings are from Amaranthus

Epic gives us a pixie munch.

Adorkable poses gives us this Diamond pose, and Simply gives us Gigi-Golden Yellow gown

These ruby slippers are from Nardcotix 

These great  Mint Silk Floral Booties are from DUH! 

These pony boots Cyan are from FM Shoes

 Head to Kosh for some great metallic fantasy makeups.

This Rowan necklace is from Beertje's Gallery & Jewelry

This Be: Monaco Pink is from Butterfly Effectz (and would be cute for a fae)