Deals and Hunts @ Mango, Mango

Sileny Noel of Mango, Mango! sent out a notice today to her subscriber's that there are some great deals and hunt items out at her new store location. 

Deals first:  All tones of the New Release at Mango, Mango!  - Secrets are just 75L for a limited time. This I think is a gorgeous skin!

Secrets: Vamp 75L

There is an April's Fool Hunt at Mango, Mango. There are three packages, but only one has the gorgeous skin below! Don't be fooled.

There are also two other hunt's going on at Mango, Mango! with cool blue lipped skins.

One is the Dilly Dolly Dash. Vamp: Rainbow Fantastic

No Strings Attached hunt: My Black Heart