Dare Makes me Steam...and look like a Steam Pirate Princess

Ok went back to Dare Designs to look for the Hunt of Role Play Giftie, but still can't find it. Grrr. Please have pity on me if you have found it and send me a wee hint. A floor, if it is under like one of the thousand stairs. Anything. Pretty please.

But I did find this hunt prize from the Steampunk Hunt  - now I am not on a cool airship cause the LNL one vanished  - but I did find a lovely pirate ship to play on. This is Dare's Airship raider and it has a number of different ways to wear it. The belt is so cool.
Belt close-up. Awesome.

Dare Designs Airship raider

Skin by Al Vulo. Hair by Damselfly.

Skin: Al Vulo Dark Katz Hunt prize at Al Vulo's: Emy: Bronze (this is still  out). Run to get it though. That ended yesterday or today. The hair is the freebie out at Damselfly: Felicity: Hibiscus 0L

Pirate pose 0L on SL Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Poise-Freebie-Pirate-Pose/826576