Beauty Killer Dares - Twisted Hunt Giftie

I love the Twisted Hunt. At heart I am an Elf/ least some days. I was very excited to see that Beauty Killer had a skin gift on their webpage so TP'd over..then my internet went down..haven't blogged a lot this week cause I have been busy and something weird is going on with the web on my line..hope it isn't my router again. 
Anyways they have lots of false lil boxes but the final find was worth it. Nancy skins in 8 makeups, and Big Black Eyes. These are lovely and gothy with super glossy lips. 

Natural Dark Lips 

 Goth Dark Lips
 Goth Light Lips
 Natural Light Lips

Oh, and by the way I went to Dare Designs and picked up this lovely little number - Bloodraven. As usual hard to find cause Dare's store is vast and he is a big meanie (a very generous meanie tho') but so worth it. I have spent more than an hour sometimes looking for his gifties in the past. (He rubs his hands and cackles with glee.) Comes with lil red glasses not worn.