60 Linden Weekend -- March 5th, 2001 - Other Fantasy Finds

While I think the pick of the sale this weekend is from Kastle Rock Couture (see previous blog) there are some other great fantasy friendly items this weekend on sale. Also check out Jabberwocky for a great Irish Harp.

This Chinese outfit Ling is great from Frost Pavilion

Pick up these great period spectacles at Hatpins

Ava-tare again is offering three great hairstyles.
Nur is one of them 60L

Eclectic Firefly has this gown Nouveau in a variety of colours.

INzane's Creations (which has unusual and well made silks) has three outfits out.

Ear Candy has this great Copper Jewelry set.

Glam! Skins has this dark-lipped offering

Malfean Visions has these great boots on for 60L