60 Linden Weekend -- March 12th, 2011 - Fantasy picks

Lots of fantasy friendly items this week. This week my fantasy picks are the following items. Sale goes to Midnight Sunday SLT time, but some vendors leave their items out all week.

Kastle Rock Couture  Vines Gown : Green from

Kastle Rock Couture Silk Flower Gown Green &Appassionata Gown Green 

Ava-tare has three fantasy friendly style again this week Angel- Black hair is one

Lurve has this gown in two colours.

Felicia's Fashions Has Juliet 2: Midnight

Felicia's Fashions Has Juliet 2: Cornflower

Malfean Visions: New Release shoes (200 on sale now 60! wow wow!!)

Malfean Visions:  (200 on sale now 60! wow wow!!)

INzane's Creations Emerald Lady 

Mermaid Treasure & Boutique has the Haylie Rose Gown

Blushed Jewels and Fashions Velvet and Lace in 5 colours (nice elven collar) 

Milestone Creations has this mermaid pose 

SpiritWeaver Jewelers Nessa Necklace

 LOVE TATTOOS and Sandwritings Black Roses full Body Tattoo 

Tree House Treasures Sharmock Monocle

Dare Designs NightWalker

Frost Pavilion BingRui Chinese outfit 

*N@N@ has this Rosetta Necklace (matching earrings are 60L too)

Maggs & Compton Designs Turquoise Necklace

Marys Threads MS. Steampunk V2