50 of a Kind Sale - Missed it - But Get there Early in two weeks

Ok girls...new sale on Tuesdays in SL. Great designers are putting out items that are 200L (or more) and when 50 have been sold..item is gone forever. Talk about exclusive! FYI this week's offering by The Plastik was to die for. It was gone by the time I got there..sobs a lil...even my picture is a lil off centre.
The Plastik: Hindi Full body Tattoo with unreleased dress in 3 colours (item was 749L)

Why oh why do I have a job? Oh yah...to pay for my SL Fantasy addiction!

Info on the sale:
The list will be released at 12PM slt every Tuesday and will be active for two weeks. Once the two weeks are up the item will be gone in world forever on the second Tuesday at 9PM slt and the new list will be out 3 hours later, once again at 12PM slt! This will happen twice a month! So don't miss out on the sure to be amazing products that will be exclusive released just for you!

Other great stores were on the list, but this is the only thing I feel tragic about missing:)