30 Linden Saturday -March 26th - Pip's Pick's

Hi all! Sale is on until tonight at midnight SLT time. This week the line-up is awesome, and there are lots  of  items from Junbug! Most of the Junbug outfits come with multiple colour options.

 Junbug Bunny Girl (this is an Easter Bunny outfit you might just coax me into)

 Junbug: Forgotten

 Junbug: Pink Nott

Junbug: Chixuko in Yale

 Junbug: Cheeky Kitten

May's Soul: Ainoa Green

Voltai: Rapunzel

Una & Luas: Kirtle

Una & Luas: Lady Akane

 Damned: Tahlia in Battered Taupe

Torvis Gorean Weapons: Verna Slingshot (slingshot works)

Whatz: Stitched

Whatz: Dusty

Soul Effect's: Animated Garden (hoe, pick flower's etc)