25 Linden Tuesdays - March 1

There are some nice outfits out today at Black Cat Bones. Sale ends at midnight SLT time.

Sweet Spring in Rose is only 25L. This is very cute on.

This is actually the 30L dress but is still out. Radiant in Cerise is 30L.

Pair these with really wonderful sandals from About Time. Ok girls these are among the best fantasy sandals I have seen in SL and spring is almost upon us. I would grab these.
 Cherry Blossom Slipper Black 25L (rez problem with the black ones is fixed, the maker was so kind and sent me a fixed pair!)
Cherry Blossom Slipper Brown 25L

As usual I love the two Gor Gurl dress that are out in various colours. That designer rocks.  Goth and Gor collide and make yummy goodness. I am getting the Plush.
                                                 Gor Loves Joe Y in various colours 25L

 Gore Goes Plush 25L