The Chrysalis freebies OR more aptly named nekked in an Elven sim sandbox

I checked out The Chrysalis cause I got a notice a couple of days ago about the new location and a TP to an outlet of her store.

I TP'd over and *yay* she has a freebie out at the outlet that you get if you click for the main store LM. There is are two MM boards at the outlet so slap away.

The LM that you get tho' is a lil off so use one I give here. I was searching around on the 19th century Russian sim it seems forever before I dug through my inventory and found the right one. There is also a MM board with a new prize... a beautiful Wine Red gown, so come slap it.

At the main store on the Lucky board is a pretty lil gown suitable for fae or elven folk. There is also a Lucky heart out that if your letter is on you can get a gift. It is a special edition Love Bear.

Her furniture is well designed too, so have a gander about if you are in the need of home improvements.

Lucky board prize is the Celtic gown in Royal (purple) below.  It comes with a Celtic necklace as well. There is also a lovely green gown on the board called Lacy.
Hair is a freebie from Vignette...a store where everything is free...wheee! Generous creator Rachel Boram made everything free in her store. Comes in so so many colours. Short and cute and covers elf ear....ahem...attachments.  And mind popping orange. Suitably called Minx/Red Hots. What not to love.

 I switched to Phoenix quite late in the game (about 6 weeks ago) and through no fault of that browser have now ended up publicly clothless twice. (The Elven ladies gasp). But the Phoenix viewer as we all know layers outfits, so I have recently got into the bad habit of whipping off the old one a tad too quickly. Ah with over-confidence comes nekkedness. Especially in SL. 

So fair ladies, just remember that the dress part of the freebie avatar in The Chrysalis freebie is boxed and the cloak only covers one shoulder. I am too used to the ol' naked newbie sandboxes, where half the avs are naked. Apologies to Lady B for flashing her and fumbling bout for a dress.

Lovely one shouldered elven cloak in Freebie package. There is a longer male version. And this is what greeted poor Lady B. 

Chrysalis Plum Fairy Freebie, with Flexi-Wings. Elf ears were included.

A close up of the skin in all these shots cause it has such pretty freckles. This is Exodi/Isolde/Nuit. It is on the lucky chair at Exodi Main store, and is Makeup 18 in all tones. This has been on the chair for a least a month. There are 5 chairs so if you don't have it yet, TP over.  Comes with eyelashes worn here, and some very nice hair bases. The hair worn is a freebie from SL Marketplace from Beautiful, Dirty Rich: Valeria/Coral.  Eyes are an old gift from Bebae and one of my favs. Is Bebae gone from the grid?

Skin: :: Exodi :: MAIN STORE, The Warehouse (148, 194, 25)
The Chrysalis satellite store: *The Chrysalis*  Low Prim Furnit, Yuxley (129, 16, 69)

Lady B kindly passed me a changing tent when I restored my clothes. So I went on a lil search for cheapie changing rooms. I don't know why one has never made it into my inventory. There are a couple in there now. If you are homeless like me, and many freebie hunters are they can be a help especially on PG fantasy sims. There are some PG sandbox's where you should prob. use them, especially now that the teen sim has been integrated and there are under 18's on the grid. (Weren't there always?)

This Free Changing room is nice and gothy from Armando's and is 0L: 

This Personal Changing Room is from Shena Harvy from SL Marketplace and is kinda cute. It is only 5L.

Personal Changing Room

 Shena Harvy's Personal Changing Room: