The Shack: New Lucky Board items and Midnight Mania Boards

I have gotten some really great outfits at The Shack and the famous lucky board. The Shack board has a huge and devoted following. She just changed her MM Board and the board prizes, and yes they are all different. This can be a crazy fast board 'cause it is popular. There are lots of new gowns too, but this a great place to get sexy free outfits, or tribal outfits...if you are a faun or a na'vi there a few for you too. Here is a sample of a few of the new outfits. 

The Shack new member Midnight Mania Prize 

The ShackMain store...   Spidermouse (112, 195, 99)

Disclaimer: The Shack is a mature sim and there might be nekkedness :-) you have been warned.